How to distribute an in-house app from a web site ?

What you need :
- The .ipa file of your app generated with it's in-house distribution profile.
- A .plist file like this one : travelBooksTest2.plist .
- An HTML file like this one : index.html .

1) Upload your .ipa file on your FTP server and recover its URL.

2) Open the .plist file with XCode and paste the URL of your .ipa in the field "url" :

Image 348

3) Copy the bundle ID of your application and paste it in the field "bundle-indentifier" :

Image 349

4) Save the .plist, upload it on your server and recover its URL.

5) Open the file index.html in an HTML editor and then paste the URL of the .plist here :

Image 350

You shouldn't change what is before the .plist URL (itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=) because it is what allows to install an app from a link.

6) You can customize the look of your HTML page.

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