What is a Child account ?

A child account is an empty Cloud Connect account who doesn’t have access to his own content but to a portion of the parent’s content. This portion is defined by the group(s) attached to the child account.

The operations a child can do on the content is fully determined by its role :



Roles Dashboard Add/Delete Edit* Marketing Features App building Dashboard Add/Delete Edit Publish**

Publishing agent



Chief Publisher

* in app items and application settings
** can add issues and edit the existing ones

The following applies to children accounts:
  • a child account has 1 role.
  • a child account cannot be an existing (non)child account. In other words, an existing avepublishing account cannot be attached to a new parent. Children accounts are created through an invitation process initiated by the parent.
  • a child account can create content on the parent account and then redefine the group. For example, by adding a title to an app, the child account will extend the scope of the group with that new title. The content is always created on the parent.
  • A child account inherits of all the publisher’s consummable assets (publication licenses and application licenses).
  • A child account also inherits configurations but cannot modify them. The only exception are the test devices which can be added but cannot be deleted.
  • A child account can have his own premium enrichments.

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