How to transfer ePub files on iPad and Kindle ?

To test an ePub on Kindle, you need to connect your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable and then use a software to transfer the file like this :

In the InDesign plugin, you have to check Amazon in the ePub export settings before generating your project.
ePub export preferences

Then click on the retrieve button to save the ePub files on your computer. And finaly use Android File Transfer to copy the .mobi file into the "Documents" folder of your Kindle tablet.
transfer ePub to Kindle
The home screen of your Kindle will display the new file.

To transfer an ePub file on an iPad, you have to use iTunes. First you have to check in the iTunes preferences if books are displayed in your library.
activate books in iTunes
Then connect your iPad to your computer, click on "On This iPad" tab and choose the Books section. Grab the "iBookstore_3_0" ePub file exported by the InDesign plugin and drop it in iTunes.
transfer ePub with iTunes
On your iPad, the ePub file will be displayed in iBooks.

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