How to Upgrade Your App to a Next Gen App?

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In order to provide the best user experience for your audience, we just released the Next Gen App and in the next few months, we are going to launch the Next Gen Light.

Both templates are innovative and dynamic. They give you freedom of design: you build your app section by section by simply dragging and dropping components. They are flexible and powerful. You can make real-time updates and even add different sections to your app following changing needs of your business.
Upgrading your existing app is easy. Simply follow the below steps and also find some useful links:

  1. Make sure you redeemed your Next Gen licence. Check our dedicated profile section called "Balance & Redeem information" in Cloud Connect
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Next Gen App documentation here .
  3. Build your StoreModels in Cloud Connect using the provided documentation as a guideline
  4. Create your app with the Next Gen App template in the AppFactory using the documentation guideline

For any question, feel free to ask our community and support team, on this platform.

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