Need JKS file

LAR 7 months ago • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 6 months ago 4

Hello, I need a copy of our JKS file for Android. How may I obtain this?

Thank you.

Under review


Do you mean recover it or generate it for the first time. 

If it is a recover, it is impossible. If you don't keep a copy of it (as we are recomending in App Factory) you won't be able to publish your application anymore. 

If it is a first time generation you can do it trough app factory; 

Last option, we (Aquafadas) have done an application for you; In general we are keeping a copy of it in our servers. 

I hope it helps. 



Thank you for the reply. Aquafadas created & submitted our app to Google Play approx 3 years ago. We never had a copy of the file ourselves, and now need it to submit our new app with another company.

Sorry for the late answer. You can join me trough cloud connect (there is a chat box). 

I will provide you the expected document if I am able to find it.