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Auto Play - videos - long vertical iPad page

hussain 4 months ago • updated 4 months ago 3

I want to auto play the video in long vertical page at certain destination... 

but the problem is since its an long page the moment i reached their its already been played.

The video is located at y-axis of 

6841.5‭ ‬px

Its an iPad page.. adobe dps support the auto play function in long vertical page.. its only play the video when we reach to that destination of page.

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We use Anchors to handle this case.

Here's how to set it up:

* Disable Autoplay on your Video enrichment

* Add a frame at the point in your vertical document when you want the play to trigger

* Add an Anchor enrichment to this frame

* Add an action when the frame appears, point it to the Video frame, and select the Play action

That way the video will only start when your user has scrolled and the anchor has entered view.

Hope this helps!

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Rakuten Aquafadas Support

Hi Sir,

I have tried the same method mentioned above earlier but didn't workout.

Because the anchor is considering the full page as a view,  even though i have placed the anchor at very bottom of the page...

The anchor is getting activated once i land on the page.. no matter even its a long page and not covering the entered view.

I have attached the file. if you can have a look at it will be appreciated.

The animation video is just below the fuel station pic..

I want to  auto play the video when i move to that destination so i have placed the anchor below the fuel station pic.


Trigger - Query

Hello Kevin MARHIC

Kindly let me know its the bug or error from my side.. As i need to launch the issue waiting for your reply,,