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InDesign 2018 compatability

James 7 months ago • updated by anonymous 3 months ago 2


When will Aquafadas be able to work in InDesign 2018?

The rest of our business is using 2018 and one user is stuck using 2015 just so they can use Aquafadas.

This is causing a lot of workflow problems.

Under review

Hello James,

Sorry for the delayed response, your post went below my radar.

We have entered closed beta testing phase for the new plugin. It's still a bit early to state for sure when we'll be ready for a public release, but kindly believe that we are doing our best to move in that direction.

By the way, your colleague Melissa was on our private beta tester list, if you weren't aware of that yet. She should have received a link to test it earlier this month. As it is, it's not really ready for production though, so unfortunately I'll have to ask you to bear with ID2015 a tad longer :(

Meanwhile, we'd love her/your feedback on this beta (positive as well as negative, bug reports, etc)!

Kind regards,


Rakuten Aquafadas Support & Plugin Product Referent