AVE Interactivity Slideshow can't load the pictures

Jazlap 4 months ago • updated 4 months ago 2

My student have a problem about AVE Interactivity in Slideshow option. They browse picture file in Slideshow but it's doesn't show any picture. The problem are case on Window10, they use 3 different computer to try to fix this problem but every computer show the same problem.

I found that It's only work on Mac OS but some of my student only have window PC.

How can they fix this problem.



We would like to ask you a few questions : 

- What are the size of your image ? 

- Is it working when you are generating 

- What kind of image are you using (send me one, it will be great). 

- Have you try with other images ? 

Thanks by advance. 



Dear Arnaud

This digital magazine is about breast cancer, it's my student project.

Answer your question

- Image size is 1794 × 2022 px 183,077 bytes183,077 bytes (184 KB on disk)

n disk)

- It's show only white space when they are generate.

- The image is .png

- They try many image some of it can show, some can't.

I attach some image that have problem.

(The picture is about breast cancer)