What we would like to have in future release of AVE Mag plug-in

Matteo Discardi 4 years ago • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 8 months ago 12
When I write, InDesign Plug-in is in version 3.5.5. Everything goes fine but I have some two little question for future (maybe 3.6 or 4).
First, into the Action (on Button) please make something like "myself" instead of frame picker, so I can give an action to a frame and copy and paste them many times, without rewrite any ID. Myself is Myself.
Second, a way to command slideshow to show "next" slide or "previous", not only a specific number.
This help me a lot :)

Under review
Hi Matteo,

Thank you for the great ideas!
1. Can you please explain this one a bit more? I'm not understanding the concept of "Myself?"
2. This one is noted and will be passed to the developers. I see your point. Instead of "Change Content Index" we should have a previous and next like we do with page navigation.
Hi Rob. I'm happy to explain better: for example, I have a slideshow with two slide, white and black. When I touch the slideshow there is an action that "Change Content Index" of the slideshow to second slide. Easy. When I have made this to the first, If I copy and paste it many times, I have to change ANY ID and ANY action, because if I copy and paste, new frame have a different ID. So, in the field I like to have the possibility to write "myself" (or something similar, it's a variable), that's mean that the action is target to the frame itself. So if I copy and paste it, myself remain and work for every instance.

For the second one this is right.
I think it could be better to have a command for start and stop slideshow with a tap: actually I make this with many action, it can be a good idea to make it simple, but I'm not sure it's possibile.
I think adding the possibility for actions to target the frame itselft is a good feature request. Object oriented programming languages actually allow that. So I am going to submit it to the developers.

About the start and stop actions on slideshows, your're not the first one to ask for this feature. I will let the developers know that there is another customer asking for this. 
Hi !
We are writing a opened list of features requests which will be avalabled soon on our blog ElectricNews.fr
But, first, we really need something very important for our creations : the possibility to scroll a sublayout in all directions. Imagine a huge map sublayout, that we could scroll to navigate in any direction…
I'm sure it's not complicated to program,… and it would open many possibilities.
Hi Vincent,

Have you tried the Pan & Zoom feature in the Picture Enrichment?


Hi Rob. Yes of course I did, thank you for your answer, but a Pan & Zoom picture can't contain interactions, buttons, videos etc…, like a sublayout. And that's my goal : navigate in all direction over an rich interactive content.
Hi Vincent.
Sad, ElectricNews, is only in french :(

- Jorge
Hi Jorge. And you don't speak french...?? (joke...)
Yes we have many requests to translate our blog in english. It's not so easy because it takes a lot of time... But we will start to write some articles in English soon. So, welcome !
Hi Jorge. I published the article :
And know that we have many articles in Engllsh on our blog...
See you !
One of my most wanted Aquafadas features request : It
would be very useful and creative to have the possibility to add an
action to any image of a multiple image item ! Or add an action at any
moment of a video, or a sound, or an animation... We really miss that...