Issues with inDesign links

QeQiQu 11 months ago • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 7 months ago 2

Hello, I just finished my first project with Aquafadas but I met a big issue: even if I have green light in inDesign preflight (0 errors/missing links) when I test my project in AquafadasViewer a lot of images are low-res/pixelled, as if the image link would be missing.

If, inDesign, I manually relink the images presenting the issue, the problem get solved.

Having a lot of images in my project, so checking and relinking al the broken ones is a BIG waste of time (also planning the future issues of my magazine).

Hope to get a reply on this.

Thank you in advance

Under review


First of all accept all my apologies for the lack of answer.

This forum is dedicated to Aquafadas users to help each others.  Sometimes the official support is able to help sometimes not.

We hope your problem has been solved in a way or another.

We are currently seriously trying to improve the way we manage Userecho to improve your experience with our tools.

We stay at your disposal for any further question.

Kind regards,

Katherine Carrillo