Can't get more licenses

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I can't get more licenses on www.cloudauthoring.com

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I got the same problem... impossible to renew.. while I need to publish a new issue of a magazine today :/

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This link is outdated, we must update it on CloudAuthoring. Meanwhile you can access the store here: www.aquafadas.com/dp-store

Does this help you?

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Aquafadas Support

well, this link send me here : https://www.aquafadas.com/digital-publishing/quotes.php
even if I'm logged... with just a simple contact form, which i've filled this morning..
But, as i'm not a new client, it feel strange to go through that form.. It would be so much easier (and, lets say, it would be just normal) to have a simple link to pay and renew license.

So, I'm still blocked here with an issue I can't publish :/


@Saranya: the link I provided above should work for you given your localization

@Yann: since you're in one of the territories that goes through sales, and you're already a client, you should already have a contact at Sales, don't you? Either way I asked them to get back to you ASAP.

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Aquafadas Support

well, last year, as far as I remember, we've only gone through the online store.. I do not have any contact at Sales, just an invoice email of 1 year old.
...the irony is i'm in France, just like Aquafadas - should have been simplier :/

hope sale team will get back really quickely so.

Thanks for the answer anyway.

Hello Yann,

I'm sales executive at Aquafadas and we will handdle this situation in order to allow you to publish your content ASAP.

Could you please send me your phone number?

Best regards.

Thomas Badard

Sales Executive
01 74 90 50 89 | 06 98 07 51 76

Well... no more rush now.. I've updated (and so deleted) an old issue so that I can add the new one - couldnt wait any longer

I'll send your contact to the project manager - she will take care of payment

Thanks anyway.
but obviously, there's something to improve here :)

It will be a pleasure to explain you our new organisation for sales.

Glad to know that your current issue is resolved.

Best regards.

Thomas Badard

Sales Executive
01 74 90 50 89 | 06 98 07 51 76

Hello, we have same problem, do we have to contact you as well? I would like to know the change in policy you have done before October so we can decide if we want to continue to publish with Aqafadas.

Thanks and kind regards

Hello Fulvia

Please contact our Sales department so they will give you all the required information:


Kind regards,

Katherine Carrillo

Rakuten Aquafadas Support


I've tried to get a quote for some licensing over a week ago and I've not been contacted by anyone. I'm not sure how else to reach you but we've got a project that we need to move forward quite urgently. Please advise as there doesn't seem to be many ways I can get in touch. Thanks.


Hello Katherine, I already filled that form 2 times but noone contacted me. Anyway I'm going to do it again...let's see if the new property is interested in selling. To me it looks the service is going down...


I see this problem is still not resolved from 8 months ago. I need to upgrade my license so that my old publication will work with iOS 11. We are planning on relaunching it; however, seeing this has still not been addressed after such a long time, and people waiting weeks for reply to a sales call, leaves me with zero confidence that the new Aquafadas is any better than the old in terms of responsiveness to customer requests. We may need to reconsider our options for a publication partner.

Dear contributors, my name is Achille Coenegracht, heading the business development and international teams at Rakuten Aquafadas. I'm extremely sorry that you were unsatisfied with our service. I want to thank all three for taking the time to raise this communication issue - even if it's not quite pleasant for me to read. It gives us a valuable occasion to improve ourselves, resolve problems, and we'll make sure that we make it up to you. I sincerely apologize, and I hope that we haven't lost you as business partners.

As for the problems you experienced, I discussed them with the team:

@Fulvia: Melanie contacted you in writing on Sept 18 and today after your second message. Did you find the messages or did they land in your spam folder perhaps? In case you haven't received them, can you leave us a phone number and we'll be in touch with you immediately.

@Rhea: it seems that you had similar problems in your communications with Levana, but it you found each other's messages I heard, and I hope everything is resolved now?

@Ray: We forwarded your request to our channel partner in your time zone upon receipt of your message, thinking that a local contact would be the most practical and responsive solution to you. Apparently that has not worked out as it should have. I'm terribly sorry for that, and we will get back to you right away.

Generally speaking, we aim to react to incoming requests the same day as they come in, and at latest within 24 hours. We have a dedicated person who receives the messages and then dispatches them to key contacts at Rakuten Aquafadas according to the region you're in. But we're going to redefine the process again in detail in order to make sure that these things don't happen again. Thanks very much once again for your confidence. Achille

dear Achille I already answer to the second mail of Melanie. I never received the first one and it is not in the spam. Anyway thanks for taking care of this issue, I hope I'll get the information tomorrow as until now I do not know how much I should pay to renew our app or to add some issues.

Kind regards

Hi Achille -- we received a reply from your partner Coleman today. This is a full week after our request for more licenses. Hopefully the communication issues have been all been sorted out now. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Thanks much for your patience. I sincerely hope that you will experience an improved process and treatment going forward.