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Disable Zoom for AVEMag Option - WHEN?

John Teofilo 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 12 months ago 4

Hi Aquafadas Team,

As we created our Digital Version of our Magazine, we chose AveMag over AvePdf for the advantage that the Enrichments are more compatible on AveMag. In relation to this, the option "Disable Zoom" for AveMag is what our Team waiting from the future updates.

As we Test our Magazine, we got much Application Crash because of that Zoom. The Application goes "Fade into White" after we accidentally zoom the contents.

We know that you already lined up the request for Option that we can disable the Zoom on AVEMag and we wanna know when you gonna apply that.

Thank you

Okay. No one wants to answer ..

Under review

Hello John,

This AVEMag setting option is still under consideration.

It involves several of our development teams and requires careful thought beforehand.

We will update you about this asap.

Best regards,


This option would be really usefull indeed :)

HI Jerome,

Thank you for considering the suggestion, we will happy to hear updates from your team, asap :)