Outstanding Support

johnnyhungus 4 years ago • updated by Sotnas Design 4 years ago 14
Just a shout out for Rob Underwood, he has been an incredible support ever since I started using Aquafadas system, good work fella, it's good to know we can rely on your expertise.
I agree with everything you said !!
He solve some problems for me to.
But can't says waths happen abouth my new question.
Don't forget of the great Manuel Massad to!
But not all as how sayest. If you see my screen ticket
Hi Jorge!

Sorry for the delay in our response.
I am answering your tickets right now.
I give up, i close all tickets, with a null rating!
And continue to assembling in my i7 PC with WIN8. Is better, and more secure.
Only sad because the aquafadas team don't develop more tools for the great WIN8.
Only think abouth Mac users. But now further the Mac's have more issues than a PC's.
And now with Mavericks vs Win8, WIN8 is more stable.
Don't say the otherwise, i work with both more than 25 years.
I see the evolution of Windows system, and the fall of Mac's system.
What are you banging on about man? The Mac is a perfect platform for developing using Aquafadas, Win 8 is miles from total stability and why would you even discuss your Mac Vs PC issues on here?

Just buy a Mac already.

you work with windows 8?
for developing seriously, install linux...
Hi Jorge,

If you still want my help figuring out the issue, please email me directly and we can setup a time to review.

Mac's were great machines... not now... all hardware as now based in pc upbuilding. But with more weak components.
Only have design. I don'e need that...
In the pass you can have a Mac working in perfect conditions, more then 15 years, now 5 years and you are a lucky man. See the forums and search for Mac issues... i have many...
Now you can have a PC working more then 15 years, if you can 20 years you are lucky man. I have PC's working more then 15 years... And assembling by me.
The system until 10.8, great to! After that... is a nightmare... see the forums...

Need more Johnny?
Well, that really put me in my place, I am going to throw all of my Macs out now!!

I develop on both Mac and PC Jorge and the Mac wins hands down for reliability, regardless of your comments, I have had no trouble and who actually cares which is better anyway? Surely you would not be having trouble if your PC was working correctly? I don't believe that a PC vs Mac discussion is appropriate, maybe tracking back to when your problem started would be a good thing to do. Have you thought of back tracking through your backups to identify when the problem first appeared? Check for system wide changes perhaps?

Windows is great for some stuff agreed but OSX is much better for so many things, regardless of what hardware is inside it, horses for courses.

I have never had any problems with the Aquafadas plugins and I have worked with the Adobe suites for many years, yet I don't pretend to know it all.

Besides, OSX is prettier lol
lol Johnny,

i don't say that. But if you going to throw all, give me some... lolol

But all issues have a first time.
And the hardware is the most important thing, for you work rested and without problems.... not the pretty design.
The OSX perhaps, but not the hardware.
Now the win8 is very stable, finnaly!

Abouth one month, try understand whats happen...

Thanks for the change of words Johnny.